The following is a list of rules and advice given out to CryptoParty members in the hopes of keeping discussion seamless, informative and on point.

To institute order and help enforce these rules, electing a member as a moderator is highly recommended.

  1. TRY to listen and respect the moderator
  2. TRY to give explanations and avoid acronyms
  3. DON’T interrupt someone speaking
  4. DON’T preach about organization or affiliation: we don’t care
  5. DON’T infringe on a member’s privacy
  6. DON’T gloat about your technical prowess
  7. DON’T assume anyone knows what you’re referring to: explain yourself more
  8. DON’T monopolize the conversation
  9. DO show respect for the women & men who grace us
  10. DO be courteous and excellent to each other
  11. DO be respectful of the venue of the meeting or event