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Toronto Crypto's New Wiki and Online Dating Safety Guide

Posted by j on Aug 28, 2015

We’ve had a busy summer but it’s not over yet! We’ve started a wiki documentation project to help people learn about online privacy and how to safeguard their personal information.

So why are we doing this?

At times people join us in our IRC channel with questions but sometimes don’t even know where to start. Online privacy is a huge topic which can be overwhelming for newcomers, especially if they feel overwhelmed with the amount of privacy information out there.

Staying safe online does not require an engineering degree or a council of wizards. It starts with being mindful about what you’re doing online, and knowing how websites collect and use your information. From there learning how to apply the use of simple tools, like Telegram or Tor. The goal of our wiki project is to share information in a more accessible way so that everyone can learn new skills and feel empowered to protect themselves.

With that, we bring you our first article: Dating site privacy. We think this is very timely as the Ashley Madison hack continues to wreak havoc and with the amount of attention this scenario has received world-wide, we can assume that similar issues will arise.

Let us know if you have questions or article ideas. We welcome your feedback!

Dating Site Privacy

Getting ready for I2PCon (Toronto Crypto's I2P Initiatives)

Posted by j on Aug 13, 2015

I2PCon is near (I’ve heard we might even be at max already ;D) and to get ourselves prepared for a great weekend, Toronto Crypto has gone ahead and implemented two solutions utilizing I2P technology. We’ve established our eepsite in the I2P network and have been busy working on our first CryptoStation. These stations will be applications that we will be giving out so other organizations can work on their own cryptoparties (in the hopes of everyone having more Crypto Parties!)

This CryptoStation is called Secure Identities with I2P-Bote. This station is a VirtualBox appliance that can be deployed quickly to send secure, anonymous messages over the I2P network. Download this torrent and dive right in - documentation is included to help with install and configuration.

Thank you, see you at Hacklab! I2PCon

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